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Infrastructural civil engineering

Geo & Domus Infrastructure is our engineering team specialized in infrastructures to assist companies during the construction project and optimization phase.

We also manage the construction supervision, testing and safety coordination.

Civil engineering

What we do:

What we do:

Civil engineering

In the field of civil engineering we are able to provide turnkey projects of civil and industrial buildings, including the architectural design, the calculation and design of reinforced concrete,the construction management and the security management system during the construction phase.

Geometric design of roads

We are experts in plano-altimetric design, all road elements and mitigation works. We operate in   hydraulics and improve the road network; we carry out monitoring and environmental studies. We also take care of security coordination, expropriation parcel plans, census and resolution projects for interference with existing plants and construction site projects.

Structural design

With Geo & Domus Infrastructure we deal with major and minor structure such as bridges, viaducts, artificial tunnels and support or temporary installations.

Building and architectural design

Architectural and structural design of buildings for residential, commercial, industrial and handicraft use. We take care of the construction management, carrying out critical surveys to plan the restoration and recovery of historical buildings. We also deal with technical consultancy activities to consider the real estate business.

Management and assistance of the construction sites

Technical management – accountant of the construction site, construction management, construction management, technical support to the purchasing office, technical support to the construction site production, project assistance during the construction phase to solve technical problems.

Construction supervision

Our team includes experts able to cover the Construction Manager, Operations Manager, Inspector and Accounting Officer role. Their task is to coordinate relations with the Contracting Authority, managing accounting documents, studying and elaborating reserves, proposals and technical variations.

Quality certifications

GEO & DOMUS GROUP pays attention to high quality work and periodically checks the equipment used to guarantee excellent services.

Our certifications

Our certifications

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

The UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification:

establishes, documents, implements, maintains and continuously improves the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard.
Certification recognized on 22 October 2004 and reconfirmed on 22 August 2018, after the control of the Certifying authority.

The quality of our design and topography services is one of main values that we protect with GEO & DOMUS Group through a quality policy:

– we seek excellence in the preparation and professional performance of our staff;
– we own top quality equipment always tested.
– we satisfy and understand the client’s needs and expectations;
– The quality of our services is proven by objective tests and by the complete recording of data;
– our collaborators keep training and updating their studies.
– we follow the legal, technical, contractual regulations and the principles of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard;
– we continually improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System;

For GEO & DOMUS, the pursuit of a continuous improvement of the performances that produce customer satisfaction is a true common belief, which defines the Quality Management System efficiency because:

– We satisfy the quality policy, the objectives and values contained and identified in it;
– We Provide trust to the customers satisfying their needs, while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and laws;
– We detect and solve any issues rather than merely intervening after the effects.

Operational Procedure PO 7.6

Control of monitoring and measuring devices

All the measuring instruments used in our business are subject to periodic checks according to a pre-established plan formalized with a specific Operational Procedure PO 7.6 “Control of monitoring and measurement devices”.

The system adopted by our Group guarantees the correct use of the measuring equipment calibrated periodically and maintaining the degree of accuracy under control as described below:
– routine tests before each measurement;
– precision and calibration checks periodically or in extraordinary cases (long transport, strong thermal variations, shocks or suspected anomalous operation);
– periodic calibration in specialized laboratories and centers through a comparison with devices referred to international or national standards. If the standards are not stated we record the criteria used for the calibration.
MOBILE MAPPING ARCHITECTURAL AND LAND SURFACE SURVEY ILM joined us recently and deals with the use and development of all the new technologies applicable to the geomatics
ILM is the only Italian leading company in Mobile Mapping and Mobile Lidar, thanks to the exclusive ownership of the most innovative TRIMBLE MX9.
An auto-drone system is currently being developed to improve the Mobile Lidar achievements.

Thanks to the support of the world’s leading company Trimble, I.L.M. owns advanced software and technologies.
I.L.M. is a leader in Mobile Mapping, thanks to the ownership of the TRIMBLE MX9 system, the most performing system in the geomatic field