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Mobile Mapping and Mobile Lidar

ILM joined us recently and deals with the use and development of all the new technologies applicable to the geomatics.

ILM is the only Italian leading company in Mobile Mapping and Mobile Lidar, thanks to the exclusive ownership of the most innovative TRIMBLE MX9.

Currently in development:

An auto-drone system to improve the Mobile Lidar achievements.

Thanks to the support of the world’s leading company Trimble, I.L.M. owns advanced software and technologies.

What we do

Mobile Mapping

Architectural an land surface survey

What we do

Mobile Mapping

Architectura and land surface survey

Mobile Mapping, nuvole di punti

Mobile Mapping

I.L.M. is leader in Mobile Mapping

I.L.M. is a leader in Mobile Mapping, thanks to the ownership of the TRIMBLE MX9 system, the most performing system in the geomatic field.

With this device:

installed on the roof of the car we can capture high density point clouds and georeferenced images.

An auto-drone system is being developed to expand the company technologies

Mobile Mapping

Architectural and land surface survey

We operate in all sectors interested in this service: from monumental structures to the little ones, from large installations to industrial components, from archaeological excavations to the 3D find model.

For data acquisition we mainly use the photogrammetric system, operating with top quality equipment.

Alternatively to photogrammetry:

When we investigate a low number of points it is recommended to use the digital topographic system with dedicated tools and programs or the laser scanner combined with a camera for a higher amount of points.

For the cartography we take aerial photos.

In conclusion, we satisfy the Client with all the elements of a cognitive metric survey with the right precision concerning the purposes of the survey.

Our main services
  • Stereo-photogrammetric architectural surveys, works of art and archaeological sites with restitution of plans, elevations, sections, details.
  • Photogrammetry and industrial topography, “as-built” surveys.

  • Surveys with laser scanner.

  • Elaborazione dei dati oggetto di rilievo con sistemi di “reverse engineering”.
  • Reproduction of material casts (with numerical control machine tool) starting from mathematical models acquired with photogrammetry or laser scanning.
  • Orthophotoplanes and photo mosaics.
  • Study and measurement of deformations, dimensional and verticality checks, monitoring through the repetition of measurements.
  • Cad processing (creation of axonometric and perspective views, projections of curved surfaces on planes, elaboration of thematic tables, etc.).
  • Processing and treatment of raster images, orthogonal projections of photographic images, image straightening and correction of deformations.
  • Virtual reconstructions based on the elements detected in the field.
  • Preliminary cognitive investigations and basic maps for the preparation of the restoration project of cultural and environmental heritage.

  • Data entry with G.I.S. systems (Geographic Information Systems).



The TRIMBLE MX9 system of which I.L.M. is the only owner in Italy, it is installed on top of the vehicle and quickly captures high density point clouds (at a cruising speed that can reach up to 110 km / h) and geo-referenced images both panoramic and multi-angular (camera with 360 °, right side, left side and rear for platform photography). It is possible to collect detailed carriageway data at motorway speeds, significantly improving data collection on busy roads and avoiding expensive road closures.

There is also the possibility for the client to access to the survey data via cloud.

Native precision:

The standard precision can be brought up to about 0.5 cm by placing the survey on the control points having a height deriving from leveling.

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